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Mini-Facelift (SHORT Scar Facelift) Procedure Toronto

Mini Facelift Toronto Procedure

Introduction to Mini Facelift

A traditional facelift is designed to address the signs of aging in the face and neck. This is usually done with an incision that can extend quite far behind the ear and into the hairline. Dr. Pirani is one of only a few plastic surgeons in Toronto trained to achieve the same results of a traditional facelift with a much shorter scar or mini-facelift. Through a smaller incision than a traditional facelift, Dr. Pirani is able to improve the signs of aging in both the face and neck. This is associated with less bruising, discomfort, and faster recovery times than a traditional facelift.

Who is a good candidate for a mini-facelift (short scar facelift)?

Most candidates for a traditional facelift are also candidates for a mini-facelift or short scar facelift. Patients who have had massive weight loss sometimes require a traditional facelift if they have a large amount of excess facial skin.

What improvements can I expect from a mini-facelift (short scar facelift)?

In general, patients can expect the same kind of improvements in the face and neck as with a traditional facelift. Specifically, patients can expect:

  • A tightening of sagging excess skin
  • A more youthful facial shape and contour
  • Increased cheek fullness
  • Jowls will be decreased in order to create a more youthful and smooth jaw contour
  • Softening of marionette and smile lines
  • A more youthful neck contour

How is a mini-facelift (short scar facelift) performed by Dr. Pirani?

Dr. Pirani performs an innovative mini-facelift which allows him to improve both facial and neck contours through a singe short scar; thus, reducing the need for an extra scar in the neck. This is an innovate new approach that very few Toronto plastic surgeons or facial plastic surgeons perform.
The scar one should expect from Dr. Pirani’s innovative mini facelift technique is a short scar which begins just in front of the ear in the hairline area and extends behind the front of the ear and then around the earlobe to end just behind ear.

Dr. Pirani will usually combine facial fat grafting and liposuction techniques with a mini-facelift in order to achieve the best possible results. Dr. Pirani’s approach is innovative and effective. It provides excellent results with minimal scarring.

Recovery after a Mini-facelift

After your mini-facelift, Dr. Pirani will usually have you stay overnight in our accredited surgical facility. You will be attended to by 2 nurses during your stay. These nurses will make sure that you’re safe and comfortable. Dr. Pirani will see you the next morning to change your dressings and make sure that you’re doing well. Initially, there may be some bruising and swelling present, but this usually resolves over a few days to weeks. Most people will return to work within 7-10 days after a mini-facelift.

The Mini-facelift Consultation

There is a large amount of information to review during a mini-facelift consultation. Dr. Pirani will usually spend approximately an hour with you during this consultation to go over all of the surgical details and options prior to creating a custom surgical plan for you that addresses all of your concerns and goals. He will go over risks and complications and give you an idea of what you should expect in terms of results and recovery.

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