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Can I use fat to augment my breasts?

Yes, fat grafting the breasts is an accepted method of augmenting the breasts. Using fat grafting with the BRAVA device should enhance the results. Several sessions of fat grafting are required to obtain final volumes, with the number of sessions depending on the amount of augmentation required.

Can I use someone else's fat to augment my breasts?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot use someone else's fat to augment your breasts as your body will reject it.

How much does it cost to transfer fat to my breasts to augment them?

It really depends on how much fat you have available to transfer, the elasticity of your skin, and how big you want to go. More than one surgery may be needed. The best way to get specific answers for your body and your goals is to see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for a customized and personal consultation.

How much fat will survive?

Every case is unique, but in general 50-80% of the transferred or grafted fat will survive.

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