24 Apr | 2017
24 Apr 2017
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Most people think of the tummy tuck as a purely cosmetic procedure after childbirth or extreme weight loss but there are also medical benefits to this procedure. Admittedly, most people do choose the tummy tuck for cosmetic reasons, but a few of our patients get their tummy tucks for health reasons – and get to have a trimmer figure afterwards!

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Easier to Keep Fit

Having weak abs and lots of flabby skin around the tummy makes exercise uncomfortable. People who address this problem with a tummy tuck are able to enjoy exercise more, and that makes them healthier and less likely to become overweight. This may seem like a very simple benefit, but it can’t be overlooked.

Keeping Weight Off

The results of recent research show that weight-loss surgery patients who also have a tummy tuck are far more likely to keep the surgically removed weight off. Doctors are now pushing for medical insurance to cover tummy tuck procedures as part of medically approved weight-loss surgery.

Relief of Stress Urinary Incontinence

After childbirth, some women experience Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). This means that they experience leakage if they laugh, cough, sneeze, or undertake strenuous exercise. It is often possible to overcome this issue without any surgery, but there are times when a little help is needed. During the tummy tuck procedure, we create a minor obstruction of the bladder that reduces SUI but still allows for normal urinary tract functioning.

Apart from enjoying better quality of life after the procedure, women who have this kind of tummy tuck are pleased with the aesthetic effect too.

Reduce Lordosis

Lordosis, also known as sway back, happens when weak, distended abdominal muscles are no longer able to support the spine properly. This often happens to women who have had multiple pregnancies. Exercise won’t help because the muscles are too stretched, but they can be tightened up through abdominoplasty.

The severe back pain that results from lordosis is therefore reduced or even eliminated thanks to the tighter muscles lending support to the spine and improving posture.

Correction of Ventral Hernia

Once again, weakened abdominal muscles have a role to play. When the muscle layer is weakened, or stretched, the risk of ventral hernia is substantially increased. Severe weight loss can be a cause, as can other surgeries like appendectomies or caesarean sections. Hernia correction surgery is very similar to a tummy tuck. The surgeon tightens the muscles and the skin. However, abdominoplasty takes the tightening a step further.

Since recurrence of hernias is a common problem, doctors often consider a combination of hernia repair and tummy tuck.

Are loose tummy muscles a health risk?

While it is true that loose tummy muscles can be a health risk, those contemplating an abdominoplasty need to be aware that it is quite a major surgery. Nevertheless, more and more women are getting tummy tucks every year. If you think that you could benefit from a tummy tuck, whether for health or aesthetic reasons, consult a plastic surgeon to get all the facts.