16 Jun | 2017
16 Jun 2017
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Even with consistent and effective healthy diet and exercise, there are some areas of the body that just seem like they never lose that stubborn fat, the chin being one of them. With the help of Kybella/Belkyra though, you can zap the fat in your double chin once and for all, leaving you with a smooth and shapely neckline.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the procedure, Kybella/Belkyra is a nonsurgical way to improve the appearance of the neck. It is a formulation of deoxycholic acid that is injected and helps the fat cells to breakdown and ultimately destroy them, leaving your neck looking as fit as the rest of your body.

In the past, liposuction was the most common way to remove fat from this area, but Kybella/Belkyra is quickly becoming a popular alternative.

There are many benefits to the procedure, and here are just a few of them.

Kybella & Belkyra Cosmetic Injections Chin

Fast Treatment:

Lose your double chin over your lunch break? Pretty close, as a session typically takes 15 to 30 minutes. During this time, you’ll meet with your Toronto plastic surgeon who will administer the injection, quickly and easily. The less time you spend in the office, the more time you get to spend enjoying your healthy lifestyle.

Quick Results:

During your initial consultation, you’ll find out how many treatments you’ll need to achieve the desired results. Depending on how many sessions you undergo, you’ll mostly likely see results within four to six weeks, usually having undergone two to four treatments. Fast results make it appealing to many patients, because they can see the treatments happening right before their eyes.

Permanent Results:

The molecules in Kybella/Belkyra help your body to destroy the fat cells. Once a fat cell is destroyed it is gone for good, meaning the fat cells in your chin won’t be coming back. Permanent results make this an appealing procedure for many people to undergo, because they don’t have to worry about regular follow ups and maintenance to keep their chin looking its best.

Minimal Disruption:

Aside from fast acting results and quick sessions, most people find that the injections have few side effects and don’t have much impact on their regular schedule. Some patients experience minor bruising and swelling after an injection, but it usually is very minimal. You can return to strenuous activity after 24 hours, with no disruption to your normal activities.

Minimally Invasive:

Because it is simply an injection that is administered during an outpatient procedure, it is a procedure that is not considered invasive. You’ll be in and out before you even know it.

Look Younger:

Aside from the procedure being simple and fast-acting, a slender and sleek chin will do wonders for your confidence. The neck can add years to your age, so keeping it thin will find that you look and feel younger.

We’d love to talk to you about your goals, so give us a call and we can see how Kybella/Belkyra can give you a chin that will have you looking your best!