4 Aug | 2015
4 Aug 2015
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Cosmetic surgery options such as facelifts and tummy tucks have become common techniques used to reverse the signs of aging on a person’s body, but until recently, a person’s hands would still usually exhibit the tell-tale signs of the aging process. Luckily there are now several new techniques that have evolved to combat the signs of aging on the hand area; one of the body parts that middle aged and elderly people are usually the unhappy with. The Toronto Plastic Surgery Center is examining four of the leading techniques employed within the field of cosmetic medicine! 1. Hand Lifts Hand lifts are a relatively new technique originally developed in California. The technique involves adding volume to the first layer of skin using dermal filler such as Juvederm. As part of the hand lift process, the surgeon may decide to remove sun spots from the hand using a combination of fillers, intense pulsed…

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23 Jun | 2015
23 Jun 2015

Your hands open doors. They sign your name. They wear your wedding ring. They do a lot in your daily life, including showing the signs of aging. Over time, your hands can become withered and almost transparent exposing your veins. Your hands can appear rough and calloused and brown spots can form leaving you with the hands of, well, an old person. For baby boomers, the focus tends to be on the face. A little injection here, a lift there,…

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